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Angry Birds Space Trainer Is Now Available for Download


How to use Trainer follow below Steps :

1. Make sure you have Angry Birds Space installed on your PC if you do not have than you can download it from here and than download Angry Birds Space PC Trainer.

2. Now extract the downloaded package using WinRAR and you will see the .exe file with the name Angry-Birds-Trainer click on that file and you will see trainer loaded like below.

3. Now click on that Start Game option and than navigate to your Angry Birds installed folder and click on your Angry Birds .exe icon to load your Angry Birds Up.

4. Now for activating trainer either you can click on 1 and 2 key for activating it right from your game without minimizing it or you can minimize your game and than check mark the option you want to use in your game.

5. Now just try to shoot your birds and than control their direction using U – J – K – H keyson the keyboard so if you want to move your bird in the upper direction than click the U key, if you wanna get it down than you can click on the J key and respectively for other directions.

Now no level is difficult in Angry Birds Space, if it is than we have a nice solution or we can say a small tool for resolving that problem, have fun and enjoying banging those pigs :)

Download Angry Birds Space Trainer

Download Angry Birds Space Game

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